Faerun: A Forgotten Realms MUD

December 17th, 2021 - New Classes, Races, Spells, Feats & More!

  • New Inquisitor Class
  • New Assassin Prestige Classes
  • New Goliath and Shade Races
  • All races streamlined and balanced with several new race abilities
  • New End Game Zone: Fire Giants Keep
  • New Quest System
  • Dozens of new spells & feats.
  • Much, much more!


[Dec 14 2021] - Gicker
Help files for races improved to show a summary of abilities gained as that race.
Added the astral majesty feat for aasimars.
Added the dragonborn fury feat for dragonborns
Added the drow spell resistance feat for drow elves
Added the adaptability feat for half elves
Changed bless to a spell that affects all group members
added the shade and goliath races
[Dec 13 2021] - Gicker
Added base spellcasting time for each spell in the 'spells' command, and associated help file.
[Dec 10 2021] - Gicker
Added the improved power attack feat
fixed a bug with strange characters appearing at the end of object descriptions
[Dec 07 2021] - Gicker
staggered exp bonus for newbies across all levels, so that the amount of exp gained will slowly go down as you level up instead of dropping off altogether at level 7.
the prayer spell now coincides with the spell mechanics on d20pfsrd.com.
the aid spell now coincides with the spell mechanics on d20pfsrd.com.
armor spell has been changed to shield of faith, removed from paladin spell list.
Added brief descriptions of each class in the class selection stage of character creation.
Added the following new spells: weapon of awe, blinding ray, holy javelin, invisibility purge, keen edge, weapon of impact, magic vestment, greater magic weapon, protection from energy, communal protection from energy, searing light.
[Dec 06 2021] - Gicker
added spiritual weapon as a domain spell for the war domain
Typing spells by itself will now show you your spell list if you only have a single spellcasting class. If you have 2+ spellcasting classes, you'll need to specify the class as before.
Added the following new spells: remove paralysis, dancing weapon, spiritual weapon, undetectable alignment
[Dec 03 2021] - Gicker
You can no longer purchase pets or henchmen that are more than 5 levels higher thanm you.
prioritized certain help file types over others so as to help prevent getting the help file for the wrong subject. Example, help armor will show the armor spell instead of the AC help file. Help stalwart will show the stalwart feat instead of the stalwart defender class or the stalwart warrior feat.
[Nov 27 2021] - Gicker
Added the Inquisitor class. See https://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/inquisitor
Added new teamwork feats: back to back, coordinated defense, coordinated maneuvers, coordinated
shot, duck and cover, outflank, paired opportunists, precise flanking, phalanx fighter,
seize the moment, shake it off, shield wall, stealth synergy, tandem trip.
[Nov 27 2021] - Gicker
reduced exp penalty on death.
[Nov 23 2021] - Gicker
Sorted spell and powers list alphabetically.
[Nov 22 2021] - Gicker
Added mission system and bazaar to triboar. (HELP MISSIONS)
[Nov 20 2021] - Gicker
Fixed rage ability showing up as !UNUSED! in the affects command.
[Nov 17 2021] - Gicker
Doubled exp required to level across the board.
[Oct 05 2021] - Gicker
Added 2nd level to the fire giant keep, with many new mobs and high level gear.
[Sep 28 2021] - Gicker
added character backgrounds
added the assassin class
[Sep 21 2021] - Gicker
Removed homeland selection from character creation process and added it as an option in the game menu
Added the ability to set a short description for your character to the game menu
[Sep 17 2021] - Gicker
Added a homeland system. See HELP HOMELANDS. This is mainly for role play purposes.
Added the osay and rsay commands. say and osay are now out-of-character, while rsay is the new in-character channel.
Added a language system. See HELP SPEAK.
[Sep 15 2021] - Gicker
Added functionality for 'find mob x' quest types
fixed autodoor functionality
[Sep 03 2021] - Gicker
Objects can now be targetted using their short description. If specifying the entire short description, please replace spaces with dashes -
[Aug 14 2021] - Gicker
increased newquest rewards
[Aug 13 2021] - Gicker
Fixed a bug where knuckles were using more than one wield hand slot.
Added new quests system. Uses the newquest or nquest commands. Rooms will display a message if there is a newquest there. Eventually all existing quests will be moved over to the newquest system, at which point we'll just rename it to quest.
[Jul 31 2021] - Gicker
Added the following new spells for clerics, paladins, druids, blackguards and rangers: sacred space, righteous vigor, litany of defense, litany of righteousness, life shield, fire of entanglement, effortless armor.
added ability to use help command on weapon and armor types. Improved output format for weaponinfo and armorinfo commands.
[Jul 27 2021] - Gicker
Added veil of positive energy a level 1 paladin spell
added bestow weapon proficiency a level 2 paladin, blackguard, alchemist, cleric, wizard and sorcerer spell.
Added tactical acumen, a level 1 paladin spell
[Jul 20 2021] - Gicker
New spells can only be acquired if you haven't reached that spell level yet, or via a respec
Added new spell: Resistance - Paladin 1, Bard 1, Wizard/Sorcerer 1, Druid 1, Cleric 1
Added new spell: Lesser Restoration - Paladin 1, Alchemist 2, Cleric 2, Druid 2
Added new spell: Hedging Weapons - Paladin 1, Blackguard 1, Cleric 1
Added new spell: Honeyed Tongue - Bard 2, Paladin 1
Added new spell: Shield of Fortification - Paladin 1, Cleric 2
Added new spell: Stunning Barrier - Cleric Level 1, Wizard/Sorcerer level 1, Paladin level 1
Added new spell: Sun Metal - Cleric level 1, Paladin level 1, Ranger level 1
Fixed a bug where objects created from outfit crates would not keep their assigned bonus type and instead default always to enhancement bonus type.
[Jul 16 2021] - Gicker
Adjusted base attack bonus for all classes. Base attack bonus will only be based on class to level 20. After that it increases by 1 for each epic level, regardless of class.
Increased the difficulty of boss mobs in the fire giant keep zone
[Jul 15 2021] - Gicker
Added proper info on outfit crates with the lore command/identify spell
added HELP OUTFIT and the outfit command plus outfit crate item types.
Added Fire Giant Keep level 28-30 zone with some end game boss mobs and gear drops.
[Jul 14 2021] - Gicker
dragon knight mob is now mountable
improved stats on animal companions and paladin mounts.
[Jul 13 2021] - Gicker
hidden doors should now stay hidden unless a search check succeeds. Requires a zedit door command to function correctly.
Added blocker mobs, mobs that can prevent a character from going in a certain direction, with possibility to filter by class, level, alignment and ethos
fixed charge command to not execute if there's no target to charge
Fixed help file for LIGHT-BEARER
Added help file for CORRUPTING-TOUCH
[Jul 12 2021] - Gicker
Added a new room type: inside room, so that zones with a large number of indoor rooms can have better readability.
[Jul 11 2021] - Gicker
Added automated happy hour notifications to our discord server (type motd for the server link)
fixed the continual flame spell
Fixed an issue with weapon poisons not working
[Jul 03 2021] - Gicker
Added a series of quests at the crypt of shadows.
Expanded Luskan adventurer's guild, changed Luskan start room and added a bunch of new tutorial-style quests there.
[Jul 01 2021] - Gicker
changed caster level for paladin, blackguard and ranger to class level - 3 instead of class level / 2
Monk's ac bonus for monk levels was not implemented. It now is. HELP MONK INNATE AC BONUS for more info.
Changed monks base attack bonus progression from medium to high
[Jun 30 2021] - Thaela
orb to blue
[Jun 30 2021] - Gicker
There should no longer be random gear drops with the "Unused Feat" type, nor should armor drops have feats that don't make much sense (like a piece of medium armor having heavy armor specialization feat)
[Jun 27 2021] - Gicker
Added black adder weapon poison to the luskan general store. We'll sell it and other poisons at a more lore-sensible place when we've built out the world more
updated the survey command to allow persons to navigate the map while using a screen reader or without needing to rely on ascci maps or other visuals
The world map on the web site (http://faerun.d20mud.com) will show you where each zone is located on the map by making the zone entrance flash on and off when selected from the drop down list.
Added drow spell resistance, which was missing for some reason.
[Jun 25 2021] - Gicker
added ability to select a deity. See devote command.
[Jun 24 2021] - Gicker
It will now become dark/nigbht at 10pm instead of 5pm
added divine favor spell for clerics and paladins (respec may be necessary)
Added a cap on how many max hp the diseased affect can reduce
Added a fix to allow those with point blank shot to be able to fire in melee
removed elf/half-elf requirement from arcane archer
[Jun 22 2021] - Gicker
Adjusted disease affect to max out at 1000 hp reduced from the max amount
added a fix for certain spells showing the wrong name in spell list and other places
fixed a case where using a psionic power on an non-existing target would use psp even though the power didn't go through
fixed bleed damage on wounding weapons and wounding fiendish boon
made a fix for speed weapons not applying extra attack
potential bug fix on monk gloves making all weapons do 1d2 for non-monks
Added ride as a class skill for psionicists
Added check to see if a cruelty is known before it can be used.
added saving throws and class to lore command on mobs
[Jun 19 2021] - Gicker
Made most mobs in Mirabar good aligned
[Jun 18 2021] - Gicker
removed the killer flag from being set with pvp combat
increased touch of corruption damage to match paladin layonhands healing amount
Channel energy will now properly expend uses when performed, and will use its own type instead of turn undead.
Removed some blackguard spells that were added, but not coded functionality yet
Added ability to add game time to prompt